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Fly Like An Expert with Instrument

Instrument Pilot Rating (IR)

         An instrument rating is simply an amendment to your pilot license. It allows you to fly through clouds, fog, rain and areas of low visibility since your advanced training will have taught you to use and rely only on your instruments when operating an aircraft. Because weather is unpredictable, it is almost essential to have an instrument rating if you plan to fly long distances or cross-country. As a private pilot, you are restricted to flying under VFR rules (looking out the windows) and therefore are limited when you can fly. An instrument pilot is able to fly in less than perfect weather and through clouds using the aircraft’s precision guidance instrumentation.

Enrollment Requirement

1. Student must be at least 17 years old with a private pilot certificate.

2. Be able to read, write, and speak English at ICAO level 4 for non-native English speakers.

Instrument Rating Course

Dual Flight Diamond DA-40 w/ G1000   

Dual ATD (Redbird MCX/TD)   

Flight Academics

Flight Briefing 





3. Hold a 3rd Class FAA Medical Certification.

4. Adequate weekly availability that ensures at least two flight or ground activities per week.

Instrument Ground School

        Ground school is an essential part of flight training and students are required to pass FAA written exam to obtain their instrument rating certificate. At Sky Safety, we offer two types of instrument ground schools to accommodate student's different learning styles, which allows you to choose from online study, face to face instruction or hybrid ground school.           

Tuition and Additional Costs

Training tuition of private pilot course is around $12,400, which is estimated based on an ambitiou, full-time student. Besides flight training portion, additional costs may include books, ground school and practical test. Please prepare $1200-$1600 for these additional items. Please also keep in mind that the flight training cost is estimated based on average hours of a frequently flying student. Actual cost may vary depends on student performance. 

Next Step?

What's the next step after getting your instrument rating? Want to be a commercial pilot or pursue advanced training? Let us know. 

Let's Get Started!

Flying isn’t a difficult skill to learn. It takes passion and dedication to makes this dream a reality. Contact us and get more information from Sky Safety.

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