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Take your Intro flight at only $229

Discovery Flights

Sky Safety offers Introductory Flight every Tuesday, Friday and Satuaday starting at $229 in our Diamond DA-40 G1000 for those interested in pursuing a Private Pilot’s License. These flights are approximately 30 minutes or 1 hour long and are highly recommended for anyone interested in aviation. You will fly in the pilot’s seat next to one of our FAA Certified Flight Instructors in the co-pilot’s seat. You will take-off from Stinson Airport and perform basic aircraft maneuvers.

The goal of this flight is to see if you are comfortable in a small aircraft and if flying is something you want to pursue. Even if you choose not to, it is an exciting experience for yourself or great as a Gift.

Discovery Flight:


  • 45mins flight in a Diamond DA40 for $229

  • Can be scheduled on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday only

  • 30mins ground instruction

  • Extra flight time available at regular rate ($130 per 30mins flight)

  • No Passengers 

  • $229 Payment required prior to scheduling

To book a discovery flight, please contact us at 210-921-2504 or visit our office located at Stinson Airport. 

Tips for a Great Flight

  • Schedule Mornings for cool temperatures and calm winds                   

  • Schedule at least 48hrs in advance

  • Charge up your phone for a great Selfie                        

  • #skysafety so we can see your photos!

  • 24-hr cancellations policy

  • Flights cancelled due to bad weather will be rescheduled at no cost to you

Safety first, we ensure the following before your flight:

  • We comply with FAA regulations

  • We make sure our aircraft is at the safest condition for your flight

  • We verify weather is within limits (We do reschedule if weather isn’t within limits)

  • We calculate and verify weight & balance is within limits

  • We compute and verify take off and landing data is within limits

  • We show you a preflight of the aircraft and a preview of Flight Lesson 1 so you can experience a taste of flight training.

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