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About Sky safety

Sky Safety is an FAA Part 141 flight school founded in 1999 at Castroville, Texas. In 2005, due to increasing demand for flight training in San Antonio area, we move our operation to Stinson Municipal Airport, which is the 2nd continuous oldest operating airport in the U.S. And we have been staying at Stinson since then.

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At Sky Safety your training will be safe, comprehensive and rewarding, but most of all, you will have fun learning how to fly with us. The flying skills learned at Sky Safety will carry with you throughout your flying career.

We train pilots from zero flight experience through Multi Engine Commercial and Flight Instructor Certificates. With us you can obtain your Private Pilot License (PPL), Instrument Rating (IR), Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Multi-Engine Rating (MEL), all Certified Flight Instructor Ratings (CFI/CFII/MEI).

We have also sponsored M1-visa and trained hundreds of international students from all over the world since 2006. Many of those pilots are now flying as Airline Captains in Asiana Airline, Korean Air, Aeromexico and more. 

Partners and Achievements

Alamo Community College District, Palo Alto 2006-2018 

Sky Safety provided full ground and flight training to Palo Alto students as part of their aviation degree courses. 

US Air Force -Introductory Flight Screening Program, 2006-2009

Sky Safety provided training to newly commissioned officers and determine their suitability for USAF Pilot Training.

USAF Aerospace Medical, Flight Surgeon Program From 2006-2012

Sky Safety designed and provided a comprehensive course to expose medical staff to the rigors of flight experience by USAF Pilots.

USAF Aerospace Physiologist 2005-2010

Sky Safety provided flight experience to USAF Physiologist Trainees. This includes but is not limited to altitude chamber, spatial illusion and awareness training, night vision, and GLOC or g-induced lack of consciousness training. 

Daedalian Flight Program 2009-2013

Sky Safety provided ground school and flight training to highly motivated high school students desiring to make flying or military aviation a career.  Provided 25 hours of academics and 15 hours of flight training, enough for the student to solo. 

USAF Unmanned Aircraft Pilot 2019

Sky Safety provided training to complete USAF active duty service members their Private Pilot and Instrument Rating beyond their unmanned certificate.


Tuskegee Airman Legacy Flight Academy 2019

Sky Safety provided introductory flights to local youth in hopes of inspiring future aviators. Our instructors provided flights to over 120 young people from the San Antonio area.

Flight Affiliate for Liberty University 2018 – current

Liberty is one of the largest private non-profit universities in the United States, measured by student enrollment. All academic classes are online while Sky Safety provides qualify flight training as part of a degree program to further your career as a Professional Pilot.

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