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Multi-Engine, CFI, CFII, MEI Training

Multi-Engine Land

         A Multi-Engine Land (MEL) rating allows a pilot to operate as pilot-in-command of an aircraft with more than one engine. Having more than one engine enables you to fly higher, farther, and generally bigger and more capable aircraft. Multiple engine rating is also a necessary step for any professional pilot on the road to being an airline pilot. This rating gives you the knowledge necessary to safely and effectively control a multiple engine aircraft with retractable gear.

Commercial Multi-Engine Add-on Course

Dual Flight PA-23 Geronimo     

Flight Academics

Flight Briefing 





Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI)

          Once you receive your Commercial rating the next step for most people is to obtain their CFI, CFII and MEI ratings so that they can build flight hours while teaching others how to fly.

        Being a CFI is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do in the aviation industry. Think of how excited you were when you first mastered landings, soloed or passed a check ride; now you can share that experience with your students while watching them learn to fly and grow to become great pilots.

        Typically, CFI and CFII courses each take approximately 15 hours of flight training to complete. The MEI course usually requires additional 10 hours of flight training. Students who have completed the CFI course with Sky Safety will have an opportunity to work with us as an flight instructor!

Exams and Additional Costs


         Besides flight training portion, additional costs may include pilot supplies(headset, books, etc.), ground school cost, FAA medical exam(if need), FAA written test and FAA practical exam fees. Please also keep in mind that the flight training cost is estimated based on the FAR Part 141 minimum requirements and average hours of a frequently flying student. Actual cost may vary depends on student performance. 

Next Step?

What's the next step after getting your CFI certificate? Come and fly with Sky Safety! We have CFI positions for you. You are always welcome to join our team!

Let's Get Started!

Flying isn’t a difficult skill to learn. It takes passion and dedication to makes this dream a reality. Contact us and get more information from Sky Safety.

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