Our Fleet

Our Fleet and Simulators

Sky Safety's Flight Training Center has a fleet of 17 diverse aircraft and 2 simulators.  Knowledge of diverse aircraft is a core skills for pilot of all stripes. A range of options also leads to greater experience, competency, and ratings.

Diamond DA-40 G1000

The DA-40 Diamond Star is the ultimate training aircraft with advanced G1000 glass cockpit. The DA-40 is equipped a 180 horsepower engine. The cruise speed is typically around 135 knots.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

The Cessna Skyhawk is the ultimate training aircraft and the most popular single-engine aircraft ever built. The Skyhawk N and P model are powered by Lycoming O-320 Engines, 160 horsepower.

Piper Apache With Geronimo Conversion

The Piper PA-23 Apache is an American twin-engine light aircraft, seven-place, low wing and equipped with retractable tricycle landing gear produced by Piper Aircraft. The aircraft is powered by two Lycoming IO-360 Engines, rated at 180 horsepower each.

Redbird MCX Full-Motion Simulator

Redbird MCX is an FAA approved AATD full motion simulator.

Redbird TD Simulator

Redbird TD is an FAA approved BATD simulator which allows you to log instrument training time through proper training. 

About Sky Safety

Established in 1999 in San Antonio, Sky Safety has earned a reputation for excellence in pilot training. We have achieved Part 141 certification under Federal Aviation Regulations. Safety is always our primary concern, and our training is comprehensive, but at Sky Safety, we have fun.

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Stinson Municiple Airport Office

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Tel: 210-921-2504

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