Get Your Degree In Aviation

Partner College Degree Program

           Going to college has become a standard part of entering the job market in any industry, and aviation is no exception. Nowadays, it is quite advantageous to have a  degree when applying to airlines after earning your Air Transport Pilot, or ATP. Sky Safety has kept up with this trend by partnering with Liberty University. The program offers the flexibility of online academics along with a four year bachelor’s degree. In combinations with Liberty University academics, Sky Safety will provide Part 141 flight training at Stinson airport campus.

Liberty University 

        Liberty University is a fully accredited institution that has expanded it's offerings dramatically over the last few years. It's School of Aeronautics offers on campus training in Lynchburg, Virginia or online. The full 4 year program can be done 100% online with the exception of in-aircraft flight training that can be completed with it's Flight Training Affiliates (FTA).  Liberty University distinguishes itself from other schools due to it's ability to fully leverage Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) for flights as well as college tuition. Most schools only provide financial aid for college course credits, leaving students to find their own way to pay for sometimes costly flight training. Veteran's flying with VA Benefits using the GI Bill to pay for flight training will find full coverage and living stipends depending on their service.



  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation (Online)

  • Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics: Commercial/Corporate

  • Bachelor of Science in Aviation Administration: Flight

  • Aeronautics Minor

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