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Chinese Student Flight Training

250 Hours Flight Program For Chinese Students

Sky Safety Flight Academy gladly offers flight training for international students from China. Our flight programs for South Chinese students are outlined below. Basic 250 hour program includes private pilot, instrument rating and commercial single+multi engine training. An 50 hour optional time building package is also available for students who needs 300 flight hours. 

Flight time: 250 hours in fixed wing airplane                                 

Estimated Course Time: 9-12 months

Estimated Training Cost: $60,650 for 250 Hours program + $1,000 enrollment deposit;   

Total training costs are dependent upon multiple factors, including type of aircraft utilized, fuel costs and the student’s duration of stay, and are subject to change at Sky Safety Flight Academy’s discretion.

Private Pilot

Initial stage of flight training, allows people fly an aircraft by themselves after completion.

2-4 Months

Instrument Rating

Next step after private pilot certificate. Learn to fly with avionics and flight equipments. 

2-3 Months

Please contact us by email for more information:


Phone: +2109212504




Commercial Pilot

Provides advanced aeronautical training. A requirement to work for hire as a pilot.

Multi-Engine Add

Advanced training in a multi-engine aircraft ; get your multi-engine add-on rating

3-5 Months
3-4 Weeks

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Flying isn’t a difficult skill to learn. It takes passion and dedication to makes this dream a reality. Contact us and get more information with an admissions specialist.

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