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How to Become a Pilot

Best Flight School in Southern Texas


Part 141 Flight Training

Established in 1999, Sky Safety has earned a reputation for excellence in pilot training. As a Part 141 flight school, we train pilots from all over the world!

Professional Instruction

With our well maintained fleet and experienced flight instructors, Sky Safety is committed to getting you the best flight instruction.

Best Value

Value is the combination of price and quality. Fly with confidence that you are getting quality and professional instruction at a great competitive price with Sky Safety.

Domestic Flight Training

2-4 Months

This is the first step of everything. Students will obtain the necessary aeronautical skill and experience requisite to meet the requirements for a private pilot certificate. Upon finishing, you can fly an aircraft and explore the sky on  your own!

Pilot as a Career
8-12 Months

The objective of the professional pilot program is to prepare students for safe and effective careers as professional pilots. It is designed primarily for demestic students. Students who complete the program will be ready to fly commercially as a pilot.

Advanced Courses

CFI Position Opportunity

After getting your commercial certificate, you can pursue CFI, CFII and MEI courses at Sky Safety, giving you the opportunity to work as a flight instructor and build time quickly. You may receive the opportunity to work as a flight instructor upon completion of professional pilot program with us. 

Private Pilot

Initial Flight Training

Professional Pilot Course

International Flight Training

8-12 Months Professional Pilot Program

Studying abroad is a highly rewarding experience. Not only will you get to experience a new culture and meet new people, but you will also receive a solid education that will equip you for your future endeavors. At Sky Safety, we proudly offer flight training for students from all over the world. If you’re ready to receive international flight training from a world-class, FAA-approved aviation school, consider applying to Sky Safety.

Ready to Start Flying? 

Take the controls for yourself under the guidance of one of our professional certified flight instructors (CFI). Schedule an introductory flight with us and start your journey to the skies.

Discover More
Take your 45mins Intro flight at only $229


FAA Part 141 Certified

Flight Training Center

Quality Aircraft, Instruction,

& Dedication



M-1 Visa Authorization & TSA

International Students Can Reach Flight Training in USA


Veteran's GI Bill®  Funding. Education and Train

Utilize the Career Training You Have Earned

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Liberty University Aviation Partner

Earn an Degree with Liberty University & Sky Safety

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Financial Aid & Scholarship

Solutions to meet your budget

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